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Housing Trust Placer Expresses Support for Rocklin’s College Park Senior Housing

By: Hayley Repetti

Rocklin City Council hosted a special meeting to discuss the College Park Project and the Sierra College Senior Apartments Project on Tuesday.

The Sierra College Senior Apartments Project is a 180-unit 55-plus community on 7.3 acres out of a 13.4-acre parcel, according to the Rocklin staff report. This project is part of the College Park Project, a 108-acre Rocklin housing project located in southeastern Rocklin near Sierra College Boulevard close to Rocklin Road.

The College Park Plan includes three-story triplexes, a four-story condominium complex, another four-story apartment complex, and single-family home lots.

The College Park Project was approved by the Rocklin Planning Commission Committee on Nov. 15, according to the staff report. The commission identified the need for affordable housing at this meeting but also discussed potential alternatives to what could be built there if the Sierra College Senior Apartments Project was not approved.

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