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Housing Development in Penryn

Dan Heldridge, CEO of Housing Trust Placer, shared the plan for a 21.4-acre site, located at 3130 Penryn Road, that would feature market-rate single-family homes on the western half of the property and multi-family units on the eastern half. Housing Trust Placer is a nonprofit focused on promoting housing to help Placer workforce and low-income families have places to live.

According to Heldridge, Rocklin has 12 affordable housing projects and Auburn has 14. However, there are none in the seven-mile corridor between the two. Heldridge said this area is high on the state’s scoreboard for affordable housing sites due to being right off Interstate 80, 15 minutes away from jobs and opportunities, and having a lauded school system.

“It scores very high,” he said. “It’s a very suitable place for affordable housing.”

Heldridge said housing priority would be provided to critical service workers, such as teachers, police officers and registered nurses, in the Penryn area.

Donna Pasquantonio-Leslie with MacKay & Somps shared design plans for the development. The multi-family housing would feature eight three-story buildings with 192 one-, two- and three-bedroom units. The plan also features a recreation site in the center of the complex. Pasquantonio-Leslie shared the plan includes three-story units, as affordable housing is expensive to build and “a larger footprint is more expensive to build.”